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The Oxtex product range comprises implantable autonomous controlled tissue expanders available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit the specific needs of the clinician and the patient. 

The Oxtex technology offers many advantages over existing balloon and hydrogel technologies.

  • Oxtex removes the need for injection ports due to the autonomous controlled action of the technology;
  • Oxtex offers a delayed expansion profile whereby swelling commences after a predetermined time period (normally 2-3 days) following implantation to facilitate wound healing prior to expansion;
  • Oxtex devices expand in a precisely controlled rate (ranging from two to six weeks), which minimises the likelihood of soft tissue necrosis and subsequent device extrusion;
  • Oxtex offers a choice of isotropic and anisotropic expansion profiles, which is hugely valuable for delicate anatomical locations and targeted directional expansion;
  • Oxtex is developing specific devices that allow bespoke intra-operative shaping by the surgeon to ensure an optimal fit for each patient.


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What is tissue expansion?

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