• Based on world-leading research
    Based on world-leading research
  • Oxtex tissue expanders for better patient outcomes
    Oxtex tissue expanders for better patient outcomes
  • A clever concept made simple
    A clever concept made simple

Oxtex has ISO 13485:2016 certification renewed

Oxtex is delighted that its ISO 13485:2016 certificate has been renewed. This is very important to us as this is an internationally recognised quality standard certification.

Oxtex is pioneering novel tissue expander solutions for the primary use in reconstructive and dental surgery. The devices have the potential to replace existing tissue expanders, transform how some plastic surgery is done and open a market for entirely new surgical procedures. Oxtex offers surgeons a superior solution to currently available expanders, namely a self-inflating device whose expansion can be better controlled and whose expansion profile can be tailored to the individual surgical application.

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